Best Cinnamon Toothpicks EVER: Toothpick Review

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    Flavor Duration





        • Amazing & strong cinnamon taste that packs a punch
        • Very sturdy texture; feels like a premium toothpick


        • Flavor could last longer. Very strong at first but then slowly dies out. However, when the flavor does die, what a great reason to whip out your pocket toothpick holder and have another. ūüôā

        If anyone ever asks you why you spent money on¬†cinnamon toothpicks, you can simply respond with, “Five dollars is a small price to pay to look like a boss.” Then, simply whip out your box of picks, place one in your mouth, and stroll off like a king….¬†Well, perhaps I exaggerated a bit but I think my point is clear; the toothpick is in for 2016.

        I’ll never forget the day I first tired¬†Tree Therapy. When my friend offered me one, I looked at him like he was crazy.¬†Why would I want a one? Was he trying to tell me I had something in my teeth? Little did I know I was about to be handed the Rolls Royce of toothpicks.

        Placed between my fingertips was a¬†sturdy wooden pick with attention to details even down to the slight indentation at the top. Clearly, these were not your average¬†restaurant “pick one up on your way out and then regret doing so 10 seconds later” toothpicks. But rather, the kind that you don’t leave home without.

        Prior to trying Tree Therapy, I’d never actually payed much attention to¬†these¬†elementary objects as anything but for food removal. However, now I am hooked on the appearance and the flavor. Furthermore, the product comes in a sturdy plastic case, which is the perfect¬†pocket toothpick holder.

        About the Product

        • Birchwood Infused with cinnamon
        • Tea tree oil and menthol
        • Tea tree oil’s natural antiseptic properties help freshen breath and kill bacteria that causes plaque and tartar