Inflatable Ottoman Footstool Chair

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Inflatable Ottoman Footstool Chair

Inflatable Ottoman Footstool Chair


  • Great as a footstool or ottoman
  • Tested at 200 lbs.


  • Build in air pump and switch not included
  • No decorative covers

This inflatable ottoman is by far the best footstool I have ever tried. When I first purchased it, I did not expect it to last very long. However, even two years later it is still working perfectly. It has not had any leaks or any loss of air.

In order to use this foot rest, simply blow air into the device until desired pressure has been reached. When I blew it up, it only took about a minute to reach full capacity. This device also works with an air pump. Therefore, if you chose to, you may use an air pump to fill the ottoman; however, this is most likely not necessary as it does inflate very quickly. It also features an air proof seal that prevents the device from leaking in between breaths or pumps. Once air has stopped flowing into the device, the seal closes and remains sealed until air starts flowing again. As noted. this prevents the air from rushing out in between breaths or pumps.

This device is extremely lightweight and very portable. It is great for the home, the office, or even the home office!