V-MODA Bluetooth Headphones Review: Upgrade Your Ears

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Sound Quality




      Volume & Play Pause Built In



        • The V-MODA headphones offer superior sound quality and are extremely comfortable with memory foam padding.
        • The built in bluetooth mic is extremely handy if you find yourself on the phone frequently. It is a major convenience to be able to leave the headphones on when answering calls via bluetooth.
        • If you do have to use the headphone wire, it is impossible to tangle as it is coated with some sort of nylon type of material. Also, V-Moda claims the cable can be bent 1 million times (100x industry standard).


        • The play / pause functionality on the V-MODA can take some time getting used to. Changing songs via these buttons has a bit of a learning curve (see more below)

        V-MODA = Quality

        Only one word comes to mind when reviewing V-MODA bluetooth headphones = quality above and beyond anything you can expect. This is why they are the best headphones in this price range.

        So, why should you buy $300 V-MODA Bluetooth Headphones and ditch headphones with wires? For the same reason that you ditched Myspace: they both suck. I’ll be honest I was a bit hesitant to go cordless; however, I did and I’ll never look back. But, what happens when your headphones die and you still want to rock out, you ask? Well, personally I’d rather be forced to use myspace than use a cord; but, desperate times call for desperate measures. Regardless, I don’t stress because V-MODA has me covered connected, by including a spare headphone cable which is something the competitors like Sony, don’t do. However, before you rant that Beats comes with a wire…

        beats by dre meme

        So, without further delay, lets jump right into my detailed review of the V-MODA Bluetooth Headphones:

        Right off the bat beat, I love that the volume, play / pause, and next / previous controls are built into the right ear piece. When I initially purchased, I didn’t think I’d actually use these buttons too often. While these controls did take a little while to get used to, I find myself using them constantly.

        oh deer this is embarrasingI also wasn’t used to having to power on the headphones instead of just putting them on over my ears. However, after a few times of not having the headphones powered on, I learned my lesson very quickly. This is due to the fact that (insert name of embarrassing song here) started playing on my phone’s speaker instead of my headphones because they weren’t powered on and connected. Yep, do that a few times and you’ll learn real quick to always have the always Vmodas connected first before you start playing music. Luckily, the Vmodas play a sound effect when they are connected to your phone or tablet which makes it very easy to know if they are connected or not.

        Another feature that I find myself constantly using, is the built in bluetooth microphone. Since I’m all about optimizing my life, being able to answer and make calls without having to hold a phone or take off my phones is awesome. In other words….

        Little duckling floating on a raft


        The Final Review

        If enjoy untangling your headphone wire every time you want to listen to music or having to reach into your pocket to change the song then please do NOT buy these headphones. For everyone else, V-Modas are for you!